In search of efficiency, Group Hospitalar Vidas invests in image platform 100% web

PACS 100% web streamline the routine of hospitals and clinics


Practical and fast access to patient information, reliably and securely, is one of the most sought-after assumptions by healthcare facility managers seeking to be ahead in the race for the market. Among infinite data, the accessibility of diagnostic imaging exams emerges as an important factor to be considered in the management that aims for the highly acclaimed Health 4.0.

In this scenario, the incorporation of the medical image in the cloud becomes a differential both for hospital management, due to its practicality and safety, as well as for the patient, as it reduces the chance of loss or loss of exams and, consequently, avoids the need to repeat exams.

The arrival of the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) 100% Web system changes the routine of Grupo Hospitalar Vida’s, one of the most important in São Paulo.

PACS – Dr. Cloud is a complete solution for archiving medical cloud images, lowering your cost of storage, giving you complete freedom for remote access, avoiding the need to keep staff allocated for analysis, enabling sharing exam with the patient.

Those who do not know the routine of a hospital can not imagine how busy the daily lives of hundreds of professionals. From doctors, nurses and assistants, to their internal functional structure, which are the engines responsible for turning this gear that has only one goal. Save lifes.

Vida’s Hospital Group, which has four hospitals, two Emergency Care Units (UPA) and eight Diagnostic Centers, receives thousands of patients daily. Well-defined workflows and agile processes are critical for efficient and satisfying patient care.

It was for this purpose that the institution a little over two years ago made a major investment to improve its process for performing radiological examinations by replacing its old PACS system with Dr. Cloud, a 100% web-based software developed by Dr. TIS, a technology company that develops innovative healthcare solutions with the mission of providing more economical and efficient management, optimizing time and reducing costs.

According to Adilson Simplício, Group IT Manager, “With Dr. Cloud, all information is exchanged by our doctors through the Cloud. Patient information and histories are not lost, making the entire decision process faster and more assertive. ”

This exchange of information between professionals involved in patient care is essential for them to be well assisted by the institution quickly and accurately, because the exams, when performed, go straight to the cloud and the doctor can do the study, laudate and prescribe treatment with complete safety and agility.
In addition to this exchange of information between the institution’s professionals, through Dr. Cloud’s results portal, the patient can access his exams from anywhere, including a possible return to the doctor of another institution.

Adilson Simplício also makes a point of pointing out that “after entering the system at the institution, it was possible to make investments in other improvement processes, as we save 70% on exam printing, local servers, maintenance and storage,” he concludes.

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