Dr. TIS – Health Information Technology, is a São Paulo-based company that works with the development of healthcare systems, with the latest on cloud technology for procedure management and diagnostic imaging.

The company was born in 2016, from the perception of the lack of tools that could operate in an integrated manner, which were able to store, process and provide professionals with the necessary information for a fast and efficient healthcare service. The team has over 25 years of experience with management software.

Today, it offers innovative solutions for automating processes and services. The main focus is the use of technology to generate tools that meet the difficulties encountered in healthcare and personalization to achieve maximum efficiency.

Our solutions keep pace with technological advances by automating healthcare processes and services.


Applying international standards for transferring data between software applications


Diving deep into the business requirements, and giving it final shape


Zero footprint Viewer! Less paper and less trash in operation

Remote access

Option to store data “in the clouds” that can be accessed remotely over the internet

Aimed at the care of hospitals, clinics and operators of

systems developed by Dr. TIS enable:

CLOUD: 100% cloud and 100% web with no need for a compatible local server optimized for all platforms. Windows, Mac, Linux.

ONLINE RESULTS: Integrated results portal providing mobility and security in the delivery of reports.

TELEMEDICINE PLATFORM: Agile diagnostics with an integrated report center providing remote report sharing, resulting in a broader range of services for clinics and patients.

TECHNOLOGY: Reduction in infrastructure and zero footprint, eco-friendly film printing solution and delivery of results.

SAFETY: Management and transmission of images with full HIPPA certified worldwide encryption. Dicom protocol for transferring or sending images, where we guarantee the security of patient data.

DICOM Viewer + Report Center: Web viewer integrated with PACS, compatible with all MPR / MIP and 3D modes and processes with an integrated Report Center.

Dashboard and Reporting: By accessing the Web or via APP, you can access Graphs and Reports on Productivity, Average Service Time, Production, and more.

SCHEDULING: 100% web, customizable online scheduling, tied to the institution’s business rules with proactive confirmation of exams and future fittings

MOBILE SCHEDULE: Application developed providing the patient agility and comfort in scheduling exams. For clinics, cost savings and future scheduling management

SERVICE: Total agility in attendance. Security in the eligibility of information with gloss reduction

QUEUE MANAGEMENT: Intelligent queue control tailored to each institution’s organizational model

EXAMINATION: Worklist fully integrated with PACS, avoiding retyping and accurate monitoring in the execution of exams by modality linked to an intelligent report center.

DELIVERY OF RESULTS: Web results portal with total security and confidentiality of results, integrated viewer with area for requesting physician, agreements and patients. Possibility of controlling results through the evolutionary report.

TRACEABILITY: Full traceability of all processes, changes and data insertions on the platform. Full control for audit runs

BILLING: Simplified billing tied to the business rules of each convention and institution according to TISS, TUSS and DMED standards.

MULTI-PLATFORM: Responsive platform, compatible with all web browsers and platforms.

CALL CENTER: Unification of records of requests and service

ADVANCED SEARCH: Smart filtering by CPF, registration, date of birth, etc.

OMNICHANNEL: Better departmental convergence with the possibility of cooperation between areas. more agile and unified attendance records with signalling by email and SLA

CALL STATUS: View calls based on callsigns such as status (eg open, closed), opening time and priority

MANAGEMENT: Administrative panel and integrated BI. Possibility of integration with IVR, CRM and ERP


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